Jelly Belly Wedding Centre

Colour Palettes

Red & Black

For a bold and exciting statement, choose red and black, for your wedding. We will bet that your guests’ eyes will pop and jaws will drop when they see this enticing arrangement.

Light Green, Black & White

It’s sleek, it’s modern and it’s classic, all at once. Try bright yellow flowers with lush green leaves in glossy black vases. Bowls of green and black jelly beans will pop off white place settings and give your wedding a timelessly hip look.

Red & Light Blue

Sizzling and vibrant red jumps out at you while the muted blue pulls it back, just a little. This hot and cold combination has been a trendy selection for several years among wedding planners. Finding accessories and favours in these colours is half the fun, and the beans are simply scrumptious together.

Light Green & Light Blue

Bring a little of the outdoors and ocean vibe from Jelly Belly’s headquarters in California to your wedding with these nature-inspired colours. Think of the awe-inspiring vista of the Pacific Ocean and the Redwoods nearby with blue and green combinations. Use simple twine to create a “green” party favour for your friends and family to enjoy long after the party ends.

Black & White

Is any explanation really needed? The hue of crisp tuxedos and flowing wedding dresses remains as exquisite as ever. Just two classic colours will make your ceremony chic, simple and sophisticated.

Purple & Light Blue

Here's another popular combo. Place deep purple flowers or fruits like grapes and plums atop pale blue tablecloths to create a vivid bouquet. And of course, Jelly Belly jelly beans always add flavour and fun to the proceedings.

Pink, Light Pink & Yellow

Even if the sky's cloudy, you can still have plenty of sunshine at your wedding by using these bright and joyous colours. Pinks and yellows actually illuminate each other and give your wedding party a clean, refreshing aura.

Green, Light Green & White

Scores of weddings feature this fast-rising mix. Could it be because it’s the colour of money? Or fresh summer grass? Or crunchy green apples? It’s all of the above, and a palette your guests won’t forget.

Pink, Light Pink & Cream

If you’re having a February wedding, use valentine colours to enhance the romance. Darker pink highlights to cream and light pink arrangements give the ceremony a lovingly sweet feel, while letting dark pink dominate adds some sexiness to the party.

Light Pink, Light Orange & Orange

Spring can be in the air at any time of year with this beautiful bouquet. The pale pinks and oranges are delicate and feminine, while the bright orange radiates light and warmth. This combo is designed to create smiles.